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Minor 11th Chords

Minor 11th Chords

The minor eleventh chord is a five note chord that has all five notes in the minor pentatonic scale. It is formed by adding an 11th (4th) and a flatted 7th to the minor triad of root, minor or flatted third and perfect fifth. The eleventh chord is assumed to have a seventh.

This chord is enharmonically equivalent to the major 6/9 chord of its relative major. For example the Em11 chord uses the same notes as G6/9. Compare the m11 chord forms on this page with the chords on the Major 6/9 Chords page.

You may also want to compare the chord forms on this page with those on the Ringing Pentatonic Scales page. In the ringing pentatonic scales the strings five through one play the scale in sequence. In the minor pentatonic scales one fingering starts on the root, another on the minor third, another on the fourth, another on the fifth and another on the flatted seventh.

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