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Major - Dominant 7th Chords

Major - Dominant 7th Chords

The major chord is a simple three note chord consisting of the major triad (root, major third and perfect fifth). The chord forms in the Dm6th Tuning each span at least an octave and have several forms that are movable up and down the neck. With no indication of major or minor in the chord symbol the chord is assumed to have a major third.

The dominant 7th chord consists of the flatted seventh added to the major triad. Three of the 7th chord fingerings in the Dm6th Tuning contain both the 5th below and the tonic above the 7th giving a fuller sound than in standard tuning. There are several movable forms. In generally accepted chord naming practice for chord symbols with no indication of major or minor, the 3rd is assumed to be major and the 7th is assumed to be flatted.

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