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Diminished - Diminished 7th - 1/2 Diminished 7th - Augmented Chords

Diminished Chords - Diminished 7th Chords - 1/2 Diminished 7th Chords - Augmented Chords

The diminished (º) chord is a simple three note chord. The 5th is flatted and even though there is no indication of major or minor the third is minor (flatted) as well. The diminished chords are the exceptions to the rule that unless stated as minor the third is assumed to be major.

The diminished 7th (º7) chord is a four note chord with a 7th added to a diminished chord. It is unusual in that the 7th is flatted twice. On the guitar any º7 chord form that is moved up or down three frets will produce different inversions of the same chord.

The 1/2 diminished 7th (ø7) is a also four note chord in which the 7th is added to a diminished chord but this time the seventh is only flatted once. This chord is enharmonically equivalent to the minor 6th chord of its minor third. For example a Bø7 has the same notes as a Dm6 chord.

The augmented (+) chord is a simple three note chord with a root, major third and a sharped fifth.

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