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Major 6th - Minor 6th Chords

The major sixth chord is a four note chord. It adds a 6th to the major triad. In the absence in the chord symbol of either major or minor the third is assumed to be major. The major 6th chord is enharmonically equivalent to the minor 7th chord of its relative minor. For example the D6th chord has the same notes as the Bm7th Chord.

The maj7 chord is also a four note chord. It adds a major 7th (natural 7th) to the major triad. The presence in the chord symbol of major (maj) reinforces that the third is major and indicates that the seventh is not flatted but natural. A few of the chord forms in the Dm6 Tuning have the major seventh and the root directly above it. This voicing (unlike voicings normally possible with standard tuning) has a bit more dissonance than when those two notes are further apart in the chord.

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