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D Minor 6th Guitar Tuning

The D Minor 6th website exists to demonstrate and promote the unique possibilities of the D Minor 6th guitar tuning through the use of YouTube videos, diagrams, text and audio. As with other alternate tunings, trying the Dm 6th tuning will encourage creativity and open new ways of expressing your musical ideas through the guitar.

Chords using The D minor 6th tuning can have one more consecutive note per octave than in standard tuning because the strings are tuned to notes that are closer together. This allows guitar chords with richer and denser harmony; more like the voicings of chords on a piano yet with their own unique character. Here's a YouTube video with a demonstration of the Dm 6th tuning:

After exploring the D minor 6th tuning for a bit I have found that it has given me a whole new pallette of sounds to play with. The voicings of extended chords are interesting and unique. The fingering patterns for scales and melodies are convenient and accessible with the ability to easily play chromatic runs as well. I now look at the fretboard more vertically with the ability to play portions of melodies and scales using one note per string in many cases. These "ringing" scales or melodies produce sounds similar to a harp, a Chinese guqin or a piano with the sustain pedal down. This YouTube video features the D minor 6th tuning on 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow':

Interested in tuning your guitar to try it out? For some suggestions on how to tune to the D minor 6th tuning as well as a little background on how I discovered it visit the Tuning page on this site.

More videos will be coming in the future to this website and to YouTube on my D Minor 6th Channel. Links to all the videos across this site featuring various aspects of the Dm 6th tuning are on the YouTube page or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel (it's free - you just need a Google account) through this link: D Minor 6th Channel and click 'Subscribe.' To receive notifications when new videos are uploaded click the gear icon next to 'Subscribed' and then click the box that says 'Send me updates' and then click 'Save'.

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